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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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32 degrees outside school closing and delays at the bottom of your screen. i name is wayne dawson was check in with scott sabol to see what's happening rather rise storm fox radar really tells the story here the snow now is starting to pick up steam as a heads towards the right along 71 and another hour you're going to start to see the intensity of the snow beganan to drop a little bitro to the east it's still going to hang around for a while but the temperatures in the lower middle 30s with pretty good person of snow but the intensity levels will start to fall through the next couple of hours were temperatures now in the lower 30s from strongsville two ravenna we have some good snow in lake county and reports of heavy snow across most of northern ohiost that this is the t total snow when you added all up
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and will continue to followlr conditions change and the weather isn't done in a vacuum we do have ranges you get the general idea that the lesser amounts further rest and higher amountso generally further east by 9:00 will talk more about the we can forecast i know it's only tuesday will talk about that two in a few minutes.kue where are you patty. good morning we are on 224 headed to 2 anoint we are in that westbound direction slushy inin the left lane the right lane you can actuallyu see a little pay the it's amazing what a snow plow can do we did see what i hear earlier as we were driving we were on 77 and akron in cantonkr for much of the early morning commute and it's a mess
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should do it on 77 and some as you head through akron in canton. i just spoke with strong so please that it tracked nap tractor-trailers 71 southbound betweener drake and boston roads his use caution if that's the way you're travelingak were approaching hand to 24 westboundst a vehicle is facing the wrong way it spun out herele as he make our way through norton make your way and still attend the extra e cautious as you change here is slushyhy changing lanes this morning you want to give yourself plenty of extra time to get to where you need to go stacy fry is life with a look at conditionsns snow is coming down pretty steadily and streetsboro at least as it's not as cold were not feeling any win but
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through my countin it bounces off of you it's not like that today. still pretty snow-covered and slushy what aned adventure getting done itve once a split off on for 80 from to 71 heavy, heavy snowsn on the road a look like a path had been through and that was the only way we knew therew hitting the edge of the greatest toss get out there and get on top of this o obviously will start to see more lanes on the road but we also know as the cars had out will start to see more problemsee you should be used to this by now we've had enough snow in january and february and hopefully not too much more than
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better knowsho heaviest snow is expected to fall to the east and south jessica dill is to the south of us in farallon good at morning. and how art conditions where you are.oo n good at morning everyone conditions are not good we should be used to this some of the worst i've seen all yearf snow coming down is deathly wet snow it's dripping all over you keep that in mind as youov keepp that in mind to win on the roads the roads were covered there wasw somebody off the road in the richfield area and submitted off the side of the road here and farallon a couple more cars as
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half an hour ago we struggled thist morning we went south is in from the westside w there was a horrible not what i was expecting make sure you give yourself aur lot of times get up and get out early and jusco slot on the roads. jessica dill reporting live from the most popular in cleveland police officers andr detectives a swat team members also runs present warehouse district of west ninth that reports of shots fired at a popular store neighbors at first but it was a possible stand up for a hostage situation now they're investigating a possible robberyry
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happened. police say no one was injured in the incident investigators say for people are behind bars in the stores owner is being questioned the private memorial will be held tonight for student killed inud a wrong way crash this weekend brooklyn police say 40 -year-old man was driving eastn in the westbound lanes on interstate for 80 whenun he slammed head-on into a car room for 30 sunday morning in the medical examiner has not positively identified the victimstmi but the relatives say she was going to work mcdonald's andk middleburg heights she was working to pay her tuition bald and walls cause issue is brand-new cars are discarded and december. she just made my day so much better her laugh made everybodybo
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tonight's memorial will be at 930 counselors will be available for fellow studentsns that other driver wasn't much of with his condition is unknown. chelsea clinton the daughter of hillary clintoner made a stop. cleveland to urge voters to support her mom.d we have to protect the progress the progress for obama has made and build on it. we cannot afford to go backwards.t. the former first daughter address residence at the community center on kinsmank avenue just check that she feels her mom was the most qualified of all the candidates in the 2016 in the meantime bernie sanders volunteered opening other
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and akron.n. it's a grassroots effort funded by local volunteers and is not affiliated with the officialsfi bernie sanders for president campaign. 6:07 a.m. weather and traffic every eight minutes is just the woman who said eliot spitzer attacked her is changing her story but there are a lot of questions about exactly what happened. an update is straight ahead another embarrassing mistake in a campaign ad can you tell what's wrong with this rubio commercial. scott, good morning. here's our forecast as we start s to receive the snow will become more hit and miss by afternoon the snow disappears entirely withpe temperatures pretty steady very close is now a little above freezing wille talk about the total snowfall and if we are
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50 degrees on a day. >> will give you an update from ground fox and
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good at morning let's take a quick look at what's going on hereoe this is i to 71 showing some pretty good snow falling. this will continue through thein heart of the morning commute
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several more hours of this isw our overall forecast the shades of greenen indicate heavy snow once you see though shades of green disappeared heavy snow is starting to disappear along with it as intensity level starting to show dropns through the as it's heading up into eastern countyi all the way down 70 went we startwe to see the snow we can further west them further east 77 and route eight snow-covered roads at this point as we look at temperatures from brunswick to the west pretty much mostuc locations around the freezing mark:where we are hovering the middle 30se here's a grand
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numbers have not changed a whole lot would suggest of the position of the heavier snow all little bit for the most partrt they remain untouched since yesterday morning obviously i otherwise depend on the snowu number unless there's a huge change we like to keep things somewhat content system. closer to 3-inch number along
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mr. to see it really weaken aske the temperatures continue to stay steady that might be out after her snow showers this afternoon put it will beno lifting up the train about 8-10:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m.-noon time for the activities has listed in the low 30s there's the week front coming out us from the west thatat will trigger a couple of snowo showers again were not looking at significant articular the heavy snow will be gun and temperatures begin to go backup b qb into the 40s and on that into forecastat we will push 50 on friday with a chance of some showers even that we can forecast as we look ahead friday and saturday middle 40s by tene lower and middle 30s at night. fox 8 news is your official school closing station we like
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make small changeshi as we get closer. 6:14 a.m. was check in with patty harkin who is inground fox with a close morning.g. we are in ground fox on to 24 arrest them approaching. it's been okaym clouds event out that done some salting we still have a light coating on the roadway for sure. c we have seen a couple of vehicles spun out s the semi jackknife so strange the police are dealing with that in there
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two route eight. ramps are unless asked be can be tricky make sure you slow it cap to go on to an exit ramp than the roads are just snow packed coming up 77 through can on parts of summit county back tok users in the studio and twisters the city of century notice there's the harper about a dozen homes are destroyed for pet the damages part of the large winter stormar that her clapper the eastern us with snow and sleet strong winds and rain los angeles county woman is under arrest accused of giving birth and then it being in the baby of the bathroom of a subway restaurantba customer notice the woman who employs found a newborn baby half submerged in the toilet with that i umbilical
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alive fifth of the trail applied and arrested a suspect posted overseas she is almost woman and struggling with drug addiction. the 25 -year-old retracted the allegations in an e-mail sent the manhattan das office pitch on fridayfi when cops showed up they returned toow way for spitzer who said everything was fine but officers checked out the seeing any he had choked her she flew home to russia police are still investigatinge the first time in 12i years porch w bush returning to this campaign trail he joined his brotherrepa had a south carolina
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donald trump. our 43rd president said jeb bush can fix the problems cause he gave her and meanwhile donald trumpnd threatening to threaten -- cruises born in canada to an american mother is an embarrassing problem and a newew marco rubio ad. check this out. so the ad is a throwback to theto classic morning in america add take a closer look at the first
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vancouver, canada. the boat is is flying a canadian it's not is online the footagee is slated to boats passing their city at sunset. what happened with a dell's
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through the decades another performance got another was kendrick lamarr who came out in chains. he took home five grammys home was the all-star jam by a lot of guitars for bb king jackson browne and the eagles honored clan fry them and one performance did was a dell'sde return to the grammys teach take a look at this.s. it's like that. out in her were in sync. she explained here's that she
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will the piano mike's fell onto the piano stringso so made his son added tombstone happens it because of it and treated myself and in and out burgerau. who won.on taylor swift made history first female to an album of the year twicestst this new artist is -- i like that is on her bad day. it was amazing. you've heard the piano had donny osmond. my .-dot friend donny without an alley. i would love to be francis donny
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i didn't know johnny depp he played the guitar he had a performancea as well those who knew. not me. we have an update in your weather and traffic every eightve minutes a scary sight at a youth best blogging at first no one could understand what happens the bizarre freak accident is coming upe as the next fox 8 cool
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school on thursdayy
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good at morning everybody the snow continues toto fall, and it's still coming down at a greater rate if the special across the eastern and southern portions of northern ohio. checkh out some of the numbers in the overall forecast for ther temperatures staying steady willd low 30s. we have some low visibility with reports of visibility down almost at a quarter of the eighth two of my across northern ohio. keep that in my we will run into those issues here has temperatures happens that he will take a look at some of the numbers without overall forecast is weakening inre intensity.
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green on radar is showing some reductions which you start to see that shade of green disappear yuko from the eighthh of a mile visibility in a very a short time was see the snow showers weekend not completely, not completely but they willi weaken to the west and 71 snow showers not i would give it another hour or two had were w probably looking at that snow coming to an end. we've had a couple of inches here ine the fox 8 front yardar akron at 32 and over at 32. unless you live along the lakeak erie shoreline.o winter weather advisory in effect for ashtabula and portage geauga summit in stark, wayne's come out. snowfall forecast we give you
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to make drastic changesnc he does people's livelihoods to spend on the forecast and accuracy and if we need to make changes we try to do them in small incrementsch that's what was done here a little bit showing woes he further south and east two thirds of this total snow isas already on the crown we have probably another ballpark three hours before this will finally that up with many school canceled it any still in sessions afternoon the conditions will improve greatlyly the snow continues and temperatures remain in the 30s a couple of snow showers tomorrow nothing big. let me jump ahead i wanttoto to show you the temperatures by the end
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605 friday. not all that unusual to have these ups and downs and forecastua because this is what happens a lot of times in el nio eventually in the span of aa couple of days pick melt off. fox 8 news is your official school closing station. for the second week of march we were done. t this winter i don't know about thatat really listening i think i took the day off. patty harkin's she's and not in thend groundhog she's in ground
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time were in ground fire is this like our groundhogs day fishers thing over and over againro we are sad near route one southbound shores of policesa dealing with the jackknifeh tractor-traileril between drake and boston the good news is 71 is mostly wet and left lane is a little thankfully stay in the rain the centerline your be better off it's mostly just wete he was well below average with snowpack andnd not conducive to driving that's for sure. thise. exit winds were awful thousand dollars here coming out us canton in akron this morning on 77 not a fun night whatsoever. please exercise caution 71 coming out of the dinah looks good reason off on 70 went on route 80 and route 18 was
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streets are not the best either. send it back inside to wayne and kristi. give yourself extra time to get to where you need to let's check in with stacy fry who is life and streetsboro with a look at conditions there. i'm getting pelted with snow out herem and it's getting on my parts a little wet our drive down here was not pleasant at all as p we are headed once he got split off of to 71 headed east got really bad a look like the path had in hit the roads if you have any issues with your tire ticket especially so things are shaping up very nicely as we progress through the morning what a different storyrn an hour ago is your coming down there were innumerable strips because
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of the road was it's one of those cases where it's veryy early in the morning got a wait for the pause to get out there. it's not pleasant for spoke keeps coming down for the rest of us is in effect get up andnd deal with another winter day in northeast ohio that's a big one. the roads are not any better if you go to the south is jessica dill is live along i 77je deathly not any better infillh is terrible akron zero .-dot said they after snow plus another wasth hundred 24 that does seem to be
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spokeyo make sure you are going spoke the y snow is still coming down which causes reduceduc visibility when you're on the roadsl give yourself a lot of time is what it is growth is that is notow a good hair day for many peoplet putting myself were ahead as long as you're safe on the road. bottom line.' an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead today's the last day to register to vote are you planning to cast their ballots todd is finding out in this morning's plugged in unfinished business see with theun lead singer of that.t. eagles of death metal's has to say about returning to the stage in paris tonight. they are alls the rage bit is your fitness tracker trackingr more than you wanted to. by some experts say about some of the top tractors may be
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waiting to you hear which personal secrets they can reveal tracking your privacy tomorrow
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good at morning will take a quick look at our fox 8 ourx forecast as we look ahead to the temperatures which will remain in the low 30s0s showing that shades of green which would indicateou heavy snow starting to shrink a little bit the intensity is slowly weakening in
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the marina and we could c draw a line from lorraine's to mansfieldli any snow sure that pops back up after 9:00 a.m. will be more scattered i0 would say give it another two or three hours in eastern ohio and t we start to see some improvementim boost of this still does it our
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that's the ways you're going to bego traveling that's expect coming out of akron in canton this morning use caution that here on 71 as you cannot them with all that snow back to you guys in the studio. happy early voting registration day and also to king for the presidential primaries which is
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todaye p once they get to the other primaries that are happening we are asking you today are you more or less interested now in voting in this year's electionst especially in the primary but the upcoming november election for areve you tired of the politics asf it is there's been a lot thing coming in fast and furious me think it medical of common sight came into my facebook page herenkco notot interested the raise trust jury where the are with pay attention to stop at 7 inches country today is the last day to register for t early photos you can register on march 15 are you more or less interested in voting who tired of the politics as it iser may be year more energized are taking your
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here's how you get a hold of us you decide very important election yearry i still think there's a lot to see from these candidates i feel like i haven't seen enough a lot of that's drop them spent entertaining. there time not is 645 on your tuesday morningim will know it realize with happen for more information on this and other
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welcome back the snow is falling. walking in a winter wonderland in february which is about right
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nothing unusual a lot of school closings and delays in the roads are snow-covered in slippery. they will play a concert in paris tonight finishing the show there was sharpen last year's terror attack different men further group is still traumatized by what he saw that's one of the things that the strangers about the pattern ahead and a night person slept fine but when i'm always is when i see things that are nightmares about talking about it would make it easier.r. we did make me less like this it's not. nearly 100 people at the concert
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survivors will be addedg it's's amazing he can take the stage and other members of that. caught on camera had happened sunday afternoon in wisconsin. watch asy a 14 -year-old girl one side and on the fourth and she comes to a sudden stop no wind realize at first but one of the ports on the court at splitdefi in stock in the player deficient peers 3-4 inches lot and subverts. who thought that the remove the board so they could take it is for they were able to free her and luckily the piece of what that did not have any forfo internal organs she always one night andnd i can't watch that
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6:50 a.m. checking on the road and they are pretty dangerous some parts. right now were on 71 north it looks like it may be there for a while akron canton your roads are terrible whichnt is to 77 early this morning is nothing but snowpack conditionsea and very selfish those early this morning more volume on the road race you can expect pick don't likeea and akron in canton this morning usee caution as well scott is here
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the coffee quiz.e is it all these little side conversation i that are very interesting. the snow is still falling reallyal heavy snow up there jacket on lake county starting to weaken further west's snowing heavily down 77 we've had some reports them barbertonad 5 inches of snow on the ground as we look at a total snow snow numbers hereoo we would keep this range up this is like the grand total door-to-door beginning to ends by
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to become we rarely had snow days very careful not have the right in watts, louthan see fit foothills as theyee should we move until after two break that comment burieded good morning i'm good thank a lot of snow out there ii understand my kids there that have buses to tender who'sen counting. i'd is that the rockets the help those in these cleveland themt it
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today vintage terry'sre my eyes just go to you automatically question is this back in a 1903 was the tape was this toy one of these toys is first introduced which toys and it was that she
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to be g them in the the teddy bear coloring books for i am going to agree i say coloring bookng good job. i'm proud of you. he needs a little pick me up. in the valley right now. that happens in the valley than two tickets to then they weret got which is a production of the great lakes theater.
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i watch you guys every day have a great day have been to the the mountaintop and i looked over i saw snow. figures 55:00 a.m. one of the biggest attractions in dc is about to go under work. withon happening to the lincoln memorial let's help bob feller received the presidential medal of freedom here's signature iss needed on online petition and all it takes a few seconds had to and click on seeing on tv for s a link to sign theth petition. that's on our tribe legend in us
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ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. @ (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, @ but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan.
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we were along 77, but it looked terrible the roads were completely snow-covered the rams were terrible that is what you
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improved any in ground fox. f >> you can use extra time to getto where you need to go good morning. that was a terrible trap t off of 271. hard to see in fact it was impossible to see lanes on the highway. t the streets are in pretty good shape across the street at the gas station pha a little low to the front people have been struggling with thatttfro i don't know if everybody just as bad tires are a lot but if you are having issues with that you should just park your car. pretty messy coming down here. we needed the rumble strips to tell us where the sides of the road where the snow has
7:02 am
the past half-hour the snow is coming down lightly but schools are closedg twinsburg and hudson have a lot of closures. not many school closings the shooter because of the snow orlo cold the weather has just kind of been all over the place. it will warm up by the end of the week but let's just go with the flow. >> the heaviest snow is expected to fall from the east to the south . >> we have a look at conditions with jessica now. >> good morning, everyone fortunately, not too cold, but
7:03 am
that will appear on 77 it does not look that bad right now everyone is moving pretty slowly we work on this about two hours ago.i in the akron. they say they have about 120 plows out top crowd them they want us to remind you that snow is still coming down which is making visibility hard even if you could see the snow ev plows they may not be able to see you. i would still say to leave early this morning you need to cancel close on the matter what. even if you think you're used to it we had some difficulty driving
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extra time. in other news some terrifying moments involving gunfire and a police barricade and one of downtown cleveland's most popular areas. cleveland police officers detectedas. detectives and swat teams surrounded parts of the warehouse district at west ninth street and saint clair avenue last night after reports of shots fired at a popular sure. at said it was possible standoff or a hostage situation. now, police are investigating a possible robbery at crush clothing. the incident left people downtown stunned. >> we were walking to starbucks and here heard around the gun shots. we came down and saw the cops.aa police say no one was injured. investigators say four people are in custody on the store owners is being questioned. >> a private memorial will be held at baldwin modelingio baldwin wallace university tonight person killed in the wrong wayni crash. brooklyn police say a 48 -year-old man was driving east on the westbound lanes of
7:05 am
head-on inton a corner ridge road around 430 sunday morning. the medical examiner has not positively identified the victim, but relative say she is 20 -year-old kayla coats.ict an accounting major at bw for two f pretty nice, memorial will be at thep whole union ball at 930. the other driver is that metro,ha but his condition is unknown. >> an unattended candle being blamed for a fire that destroyed a house in the rain. the fire reported just after 630 monday morning when a neighbor reached thee porch of the burning home, she found a 66 rolled residents who appeared to be confused, but not hurt. damage from the fire is estimated at $75,000.$7 >> today is the deadline to register for next months ohio primary. and yesterday, chelsea clinton stopped in cleveland to urge voters to make it a vote for her mom democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> we havecandlary to protect the progress the pr president obama has made, and build on that progress. we cannot afford to
7:06 am
>> the former first daughter address residentsor at the murderous taylor community of the murders taylor community center on kinsman avenue yesterday.e m she feels her mother is the most qualified of all the presidential candidates in the 2016 race. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders volunteers are opening another campaign office in northeast ohio in elyria and he joins offices in liquid and akron. a the office is funded by local volunteers, it is not at the proceeded excuse me affiliated with the official bernie sanders for president >> still ahead at 7:00 a.m. - - more lead in the water in flint00. >> plus, big brother to the rescue. as former president george w. bush's public support exactly what japanese? >> into their with grandma gold. nd and in a moment to shine slams kanye. with the singer had to say about the wrapper.. >> good morning. good morning,
7:07 am
fall temperatures in the low 30s. we will talk about that the forecast. >> depending on where you are at you arere d either seeing snow-covered roads e or wet roads. find your way to the best care
7:08 am
7:09 am
fox eight news in the morningi high levels of lead are still being detected in some flint michigan homes.d more than 250f
7:10 am
just come backnc just this week. they have issued a call to arms investigations if they do not take actions. >> president george w. bush is returning to the campaign trail>> to support his brother jeb. >> and that americans are angry andry frustrated, but we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors and in flames or anger and frustration. >> our 43rd president says jeb can fix the problems facingg the country today. meantime, donald trump was is starting to slapto ted cruz with a lawsuit over thehe texas senator's canadian birth him. >> the lincoln memorial is getting a facelift. million-dollar e millionaire david rubenstein is donating the $2 million to renovate th the memorial in washington dc. the money will be usedn to repair the roof,
7:11 am
elevator, and create some extra space for exhibit. >> taylor swift wins album of the year at the grammys, pictured this take on the west that hasur everyone buzzing this morning. >> there are going to be people onere the way to try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments. or you are same. but if you just spoke upon the work and don't let those people sidetrack you w, some great when you get there we were going to a look aroundhe and know it was you and the people who love you put you there. >> the 26 -year-old speech appears to be>> in response to thehe rappers lyrics from his new album what hero claims to have made swift famous. connie has not yet responded. >> kanye has not yet responded.
7:12 am
you are just getting up at is 12 minutes after 7:00 o'clock is your time right now. and we go to danny. >> and there is no treatment for it right now we are on 77 a southboundre it is just what we are heading down towards akron we see a car off to the world 77 southbound in the median about a mile before route 82. police are watching and akinesia help. the highways right here are just right. the left lane is a little snow-covered and slushy 71 southbound we have a jack black tractor-trailer. just the left lane is gettingac by. we are
7:13 am
we will go down and check and see if there has been any improvement. >> thank you very much. we have snow here in the fox 8-point-yard right now we are in the low 30s school closings and delays at the bottom of the screenl initially we were done ine down in the deep south d you can check it all outyo now that those comments coming out a little bit now. and we have those storm fox riverw identical to the
7:14 am
on the internet here. i have ann 8-mile visibility is down to about a half a mile visibility you will find a quarter of the snow q is lifting up to the north and we have reports of almost 6 inches of snowv on the ground temperatures in elyria 31 painesville we have dropped to 32 right now in solent from temperatures hovering close to the freezing mark. these were the snowfall projections but the overall just really is not much
7:15 am
livelihoods and we're not going to n change it to significantly here most of the snow has already fallen the next couple of hours but the forecast stores the web snow white snow exposures move out by late morning and route to a jerk afternoon the snow will be gone in another couple of hours we willll be in the 30s and 20s tonight t tomorrow couple of 30s with isolated snow showers to the west. we will be back up to the 40s and may touch 50 by friday with a chance of some rain shower. very little in the way of arctic error air as temperatures climb upf a to the 40s fox eight news is your official school closing station.
7:16 am
without any like affect. >> not than i am that i am wishing for the>> thank you. i was here an hour early. >> she was sleeping and her car what it 3:00 o'clock this i don't like to be in b the snow so i tended to leave a little early. sn i got here in 30 minutes because there is nothing on the road so i took a nap for 20 minutes and my car. >> i left work yesterday and i saw christie coming in it was that earlyri. >> you got a do what you've to do what you've got to do. >> she is safe and she is here and that is all that matters. good morning. talking about early voting which starts to
7:17 am
are interested. i gave up vote in the last time hillary ran it seems rigged. take aem look at these comments - -dash are you more or less excited about this presidential electionn are you more or less encouraged to go. today is the
7:18 am
voting the primary is march 16th. a month away. fox eight news that instagram text us there is a look at i for 80 and west 100 30th as you can see the traffic is moving around nicely but a very slow pace. we have a lot of nice coverage as it shows a slow morning commute just ahead. >> plus, find out which 2016 rock 'n roll hall of fame inductees with the stage for springs but if it. >> a, kenny. >> good morning. we are
7:19 am
anniversary kicking it with
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are you sure? good morning. we will turn this way. playhouse square 25th yearll of jump back ball. few peopleb in case you don't know what that is. >> on the 25th anniversary is a big deal for us will put the sheep ranchwi on each year this year we wanted to be a little more different with more sparkle sparkling unexpected things. >> andwikl this is not exactly what
7:23 am
is the greatest party on earth. and what is that like? it is not just the one that will onend. >> no. you utilize almost the entire playhouse square area? >> we do. we havee the space your michelle it in a little bit different ways. >> so there is music. get give us a picture. >> we have the vip dinner that startshe and they will have a lot of things set up as you see here. these will be hanging above us.e >> that you. awesome. and this main area, we will have twov great bands radioactive and then jones up and the party out there. >> there's wrap it all kinds of stuff. >> we will have face painting facepainting and all these
7:24 am
and to get back to the slow circuit area. >> and later we will show some of the performers. tickets still available it needs to sell out and thousand people here you kind of lose all love about withwi
7:25 am
>> okay.y. thank you, kenny, we will check back with you later.y tonight on fox eight news at ten - - the surprising information your fitness tractor maybeay learning about you. why some experts say that some of the top truckers may be putting your privacy at risk. went to you here which personal secret they can reveal. tonight on land fox eightl. news at 10:00 p.m. >> still ahead on fox eight news in the morning - -dash would you wake up. a messy store to the morning commute for many across northeast ohio. we are live ona the roads to show you what to expect when s you head out today. >> plus, the latest on the forecast been a long will this snowy weather be around? scott is tracking the system when we
7:26 am
7:27 am
7:28 am
it is actually featuring bruno mars
7:29 am
of like that happens to me are you sure? but now he has moves. anyway h i am always amazed at how small they are. what are you like for for 4 inches or 5-foot 5 inches? >> come on, now. >> i never see you standing up that makes me 5-foot nine and a half inches.
7:30 am
forecast t heavy snowfall still starting to see the snow fall out we are seeing some improvement in 71 and in wayne county it is still snowing in cleveland primarily east of cleveland up to mentor at 30 aurora at 32 if you have weather photos or snow photos submit them to us at twitterer we will put them on instagram send them to us on facebook or instagram many ways to show us your snow photos there is your total snow forecastt most of the snow has ended to the westth and improve it a little later on this after and the temperatures remain in the low to middle 30st. traffic time with patty it is 7:33 a.m.
7:31 am
once again in ground fox moving around all morning long since before 4:00 a.m. seventy-seven southbound in akron from route eight a bumper to bumper ride south of drake between drake and bostonut in the cleveland area it is mostly just west of further south it is much improved here approaching the ridgewood miller road ramp really are completely
7:32 am
lane is snow-covered and the other two laneses for the most part are just what. back to you guys in the >> so you're going to need lots of extra time to get to work this morning. >> the roads across northeast ohio are snow-covered and slippery. we check in-c with a look at conditions in streetsboro. >> they may quite a mess on the road. it isma the kind of snoww that is really heavy packing snow, so that means it isea a lot harder to shovel. get the kidsds out there because a lot of them don't have school. and just past the entrance you can still seest some of the snow on the road. plus of been through here. a couple of visitors this morning ai guy out here since midnight it has been shuttling that has been shuttling and
7:33 am
lots where we are here. he said it has been a very busy morning another person said east of year is awful all those goals around your are close a twinsburg streetsboro kent state university is on a delay until 10:00 o'clock this morning. it has been quite an adventure according to b the sky we just talked to.l >> they took me about a half an hour a to get near the roads areoa very slick eastern streetsboro 12 - - 15 minutes drive time and that i had to solent to go to work.o this is off my bucket list i always wanted to meet you. thank you very much. a >> and there you go. a bonus on a snow day for that day. guy. he is thinking he will have
7:34 am
this get into this mess this morningg. >> my goodness gracious. >> we do what we can. that's right. i love it when people stop by to visit.t you are located. you are a lucky man will it be on my desk when i get back? >> the roads are not any better it to the south. jessica dell is live. >> can you send somebody out here to meet jessica because nobody seems to be heading in this direction which is a good thing because they got stuck a little but out here.. take a t look behind me on 77 south. honestly right now, it looks pretty good everything is moving smoothly a couple of hours ago the roads are covered where you could not even see the left
7:35 am
snow plows out there making sure they do keep those roads clear and of coursey it is still coming com down here which makes it hard to see we wanted to remind you to notto called the snowplows because sometimes they can't see you even when the snow is coming down. fortunately it is getting brighter fo so you can see a little bit more. s remember, it is wet and slick out here in this area we saw a couple of cars on the side of the road this morning be careful and cautious when you leave@ and enjoy it because it is pretty out here. h >> jessica is always smiling. >> if it makes us happy. >> not to a big and as with announcement the rock 'n roll hall of fame is just unveiledo the headliner for's annual spring benefit. h
7:36 am
fame inducteee to check will be rocking cleveland music call to get started $17.50 they go on sale this friday at 10:00 a.m. the ticketmaster. the 13th annual benefit supports the rock hall @ educational programs. - - what you need to know thursday saint to jude dream home tickets to sell a fun. >> was angryur d comcast customers what we know this morning about an outage that set social media on fire. >> and the deadline is today to registered to vote in ohio's primary we you come out to cast a ballot in the selection? todd
7:37 am
7:38 am
7:39 am
while come back to fox eight news in the morning. it is time to get plugged in this tuesday, todd.
7:40 am
lands too much nice talking about this campaign my eyes as i'm only going to vote on issuesut i am and is disgusted withth politicians as i am the browns. another texture says what did they do they change by votingan? the politicians are all the same wake up and take a rose-colored glasses. >> early voting takes place tomorrow. the peopleop responsible sending you the absentee ballots that did not send them outots on time my vote and cognos, the others did not count. it is said this is the most important election of my life from 46 results a lot of people like this but the embassy wave of spending is got to stop for democracy we are not are socialist country. what do you think? more or less excited aboutt this year's election, and her you plan on voting? theg? primary is coming at this is the
7:41 am
voting. facebook, text, instagram. >> you were moving fast on that one.>> >> your chance to win a dream home is not just two days away. tickets for the saint judeda give away go on sale thursday morning at 6:00 a.m. cleveland custom homes0 a. with a $500,000 home this year it is located in avon in the tered tail golf community tickets will cost you won hundred dollars apiece and will be donated to st. jude's research hospital. for all the information for thursday, head to fox eight .com. the time is 7:43 a.m. still to come is weather and traffic:4 at 7:43 a.m. >> and a popular grocery chain discussion. >> barbie got up makeover, so
7:42 am
what about ken we will talk about home sweet home when we
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
good morning, everyone hugh get the idea we've got snow and snow fallingea with the intensity as we look at the forecast with a quick and maybe itorec an inch and a half. a went off, ohio six and chips on the ground geauga, portage, eastern stark we have four - - 6 inches between akron and new philly, canton. again,a the forecast pretty much working out according to plan. it ist not over yet temperatures remain in the 30s we have a couple more hours of snow to the east it is thinning out to the west. our along 71 it should see some s
7:46 am
much on 77 until maybe during the 9:00 o'clock hour we are opening maybe tomorrow look out the at the snow shower a lot bettereom nothing real big here. thirty-one sunshine thursday we will see some showers with rain for a high of 50 on friday. fortys over the weekend the weekend still looks relatively quiett head over to my twitter feed and twitter page i have all bunch you need to check out.i fox eight news is your official school closing station it is traffic time with patty. >> good morning yes, we are in ground fox and just got on to 71 northbound they had stop and go
7:47 am
an accident out lovers lane to be mindful there. also a tractor-trailer 71l posts route 82 causing for delay the left lane is open plenty of reports slow get the traffic coming out out of twinsburg northbound 303 we will pick it up and let you know what is happening way will check it out in the studio and then after a nationwide outrage comcast spokesperson said not all customers for all services or the grocery chain
7:48 am
eggs by the year 2025. trader joe's is just the latest last month target announced they t would only buy from cage
7:49 am
store shelvesis this fall we are right here in the heart of downtown cleveland with the
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
we are here with the 25th a 25th anniversary showdown.e as you can see and really some of the mostan informed fundraisers throughout the area we want to talk about one of your 75 places around townof there is a whole renaissance coming. >> there is indeed.d. i think it has been four years since you
7:53 am
beautiful there will be six or seven different food stations serving all different kinds of food.ns everybody is familiar with that. you will see that with a lot of different than and then another one of ourof locations we will be doing things with pot pies and shepherd's pie. for this one, this is actually a little fish we are doing and then all lobster cell phone on top of it. and then we have a lobster cream
7:54 am
lobster h and as we do that to you guys. in the studio. we are here all week.di and 6 inches
7:55 am
are also some power outages to talk about was affected by that one will see when we will see improvement in the overall forecaston and what happens by the end of the weekend. >> all of this snow means lots of trouble we will say website to the south and east of the city.d >> good packing snow out here i will tell you about the roadblocks thereil. >> to the cavaliers needed to need to drink any moves? former head coach mike fratello is here to discuss that. stay tuned we
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, cleveland, and all of northeast ohio it is the snow a tuesday morning oo it is to say, february 16. school closings atgs a the bottom of your screen and his 8:00 a.m. thank you for choosingm. us we are news i am wayne dawson. >> i'm stephanie schaefer.
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